FCC Worship Services During COVID-19


After much prayer, or staff and church board members believe it was time to begin meeting in our sanctuary at First Christian Church beginning Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 11:00 AM. We want to proceed into this transition back into our sanctuary as carefully and safely as possible. With that in mind we have discussed and agreed on the following procedures for FCC:


Those that have compromised health, or the elderly, or those that feel uncomfortable gathering in a public setting, we completely understand. If you are sick with a temperature, if you have a sore throat, or if you have a running nose, please stay home.


In an effort to meet the needs of the congregation and to protect the health and safety of those in the church and in the community, please adhere to the necessary Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Public Health constraints and guidelines for re-opening of churches, which are as follows:


1 - Sanitizing of the church pews (front and back): Church pews are sanitized along with the bathrooms; There is hand-sanitizer inside the sanctuary on the back tables and in the foyer as you enter the building.


2 - Bathrooms may be used - one individual at a time and please sanitize after use.


3 - Practice safe social distancing of six (6) feet. Families that co-inhabit may sit together. Pews have been marked off and you may not be able to sit on “your pew“. Please do not remove tape.


4 - Wear face masks (helps prevent the spreading of the virus).

5 - No singing. The service will begin as the piano plays. The piano will also play as we partake of communion. We will use video praise songs for portions of the service.


6 - No handshaking and No hugging. **Smile and wave at each other.


7 - No passing the communion, we have individual pre-filled communion that will be placed on a table in the foyer for everyone to pick up their own (individually) before entering the sanctuary. **The men will have a meditation and prayer and everyone may partake of the individual communion at that time.


8 - No passing of the offering plate. An offering plate will be placed on the back table in the foyer. You may leave your tithes and offerings as you enter or as you leave the service.  **The men will have a meditation and prayer for the offering.


9. - After the closing prayer, you may dismiss by rows, starting with the back pew; do not congregate or mingle; please continue to maintain the 6 ft. social distancing.